January 26, 2020 1 min read

Here in Northern Idaho, people wear hats. I wear a hat, about 90% of the time. So, seeing the odd Leather Patch Hat piqued my interest. It looked cool and is 100 percent something I would (and now do) wear myself.
I realized I already have the significant pieces of equipment to make these, and after picking up a hat press, I made my first hat. 
It turns out, like usual, making a hat is not as easy as "that." It take a great deal of time, research, and just plain experimenting to go from seeing something you like to making that same type of end product. In the back of the shop, many pieces sit on the proverbial cutting room floor--they just weren't good enough to share. I am continually improving my products and processes.  Sharing that learning and what has been created is exciting to share with others. 
I look forward to making a lot of these in the future and expanding what I can offer. What can I create for you?