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Our Story

Do you love personal and customized items ? 

I come from a long line of makers. It wasn’t called that back then, but our family has always invented and been curious. My Grandfather passed it down to my dad, and he to me. I have been fascinated with flight and am an active commercial helicopter pilot. My main work is firefighting in the Western United States.


I have a passion to see the reaction people have when I make them something personal and unique. Many conversations start with “so do you think you could…….” My dad taught me stained glass when I was a kid, and I learned to sandblast glass in high school. I had a teacher in high school who was very creative, and he inspired me to keep pushing the boundaries. I have etched glass for famous artists, built wood sculptures that combined Glass, Exotic woods and Neon light, built custom cabinetry and lots of things in my blessed life.


We live at the gateway to Hells Canyon and I have spent quite a bit of time flying in it. I see the herds of Elk, the occasional Cougar and many other big game species. I wanted to get back to my artistic/maker roots, so I started Hells Canyon Art Glass. I learned about laser engraving and have become fascinated by the possibilities. I had never seen images like the ELK and Cougar as I engrave them on tumblers. I will continue to push the limits of my abilities and welcome anyone who asks… “do you think you could…..”